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Women's Intuition... A Realtors Friend o

Women's Intuition... A Realtors Friend or Foe?

By John Becker / Bald Head

  Sometimes you just have to step back and see how things work! Women's Intuition is one of those things. As a male Real Estate Broker in Franklin NC, I spend most of my time working in the business with and around women. I've discovered that they possess a 6th sense commonly known as "Women's Intuition".  It's the ability to "know" & "sense" things that no man could ever pretend to know or sense!  You would think after being married for 36 years I would've caught on to this phenomenon much earlier in life, but NO!  I am just now coming into full belief in this attribute that women possess so dearly.

My wife has this uncanny ability to judge character in other people without "knowing" them... She only has to be in the room with a person for a few minutes, and the judgement will be made that they are either, "sweet", "kind" and "loving, or "slimey", "untrustworthy", and "nasty" or otherwise lacking in integrity and character.  I would criticize her for being "judgemental" of others without knowing them and she would always have the rebuttal for her feelings,  insisting that she was correct in her assessements! I thought, the audacity of this woman! 

 A case in point was when I had hired a "temp" female assistant, my wife came into the office, was there for 10 minutes and later that day she told me "be careful of that woman, she is trouble, she is a huntress".  I was stunned at this assessment because I didn't see any of those attributes in this person.  But low and behold, one month later it became apparent that my wife was spot on, and this gal was as she said!

Men and women Realtors, you must understand that anytime you are in front of a woman client, they will "know" you, and very quickly! Why do I tell you this? Because if you are not honest, "they know". If you are greedy about commission and internally focused on YOUR NEEDS ONLY, "they know".  If you are not focused on their goals, "they know".  If you are selfish and not a servant, "they know". If you are a man and look at them in an impure way, "they know"... You are in essence spiritually naked in front of them, "THEY KNOW"!!

Anyone can wear a nice suit of clothing, look great and put on a certain "air" about themselves but this is superficial ... The big question is, do you look great on the INSIDE? Have you taken the time to tame your internal "monsters", address your deficit character issues, have you groomed yourself as a servant to your clients dreams and goals? After all, this is what you will be rewarded for if you do these things. If you don't address yourself internally, "They Will All Know", and you will always wonder why you couldn't get the sale closed, or why you never heard back from them when they said they'd call you...or why your business never really increases from year to year...or why you didn't get that listing!! 

One must keep in mind that every woman customer or client you are "in front of", has a sphere of influence of roughly 250 people, and they all talk!  So when a female customer of yours "marks you with any of the negatives" listed above, you can anixiously be assured that those 250 people will eventually become aquainted with you and your character, whether stellar or in lack, and you will be "known". This is actually the mechanics of how one's reputation is formed in the local community. And you have complete control over this reputation to the extent that you have control over yourself and your internal visage.

Ah yes, a woman's intuition can be your best ally, or your worst enemy, the choice is yours! But know this for sure, as the great Universal King once said, "You will be known by your fruits"! This phenomenon known as Women's Intuition is the ability to be "known" by the "unknown".

I hope this helps!

John Becker / Exit Smokey Mountain Realty

Below are some incredible stats about women in real estate that should encourage you to perceive those who are driving our markets... Treat them like gold, because they are!


Single women are twice as likely as single men to buy a home -- and builders are taking notice. They're betting on features like security systems, built-in vacuums and gourmet kitchens to attract this growing market.

Single women are purchasing homes in record numbers due to low interest rates, increased salaries, good credit earlier in life and later marriages. Last year, they represented 21% of all home buyers, second only to married couples, according to NAR.

Growing checkbooks
Women collectively earn more than $1 trillion annually and influence $2.4 trillion of the $3 trillion in annual consumer sales, according to the Women's Mortgage Industry Network, an industry educational group.

 Men don't get serious about homes until they find the right woman. But women are serious about buying homes now."

Indeed, single women are twice as likely as single men to buy a home.

To entice women, builders are putting in:

•·        Laundry rooms upstairs;

•·        Skylights in bathrooms for natural light; (Women look better in natural light)

•·        Slate floors that are "cleaning friendly";

•·        Security features;

•·        Built-in vacuum cleaners;

•·        Gourmet kitchens;

•·        Name-brand appliances; and

•·        Xeriscapes and other yards with low to no maintenance.

Top Three Reasons Unmarried / Single Women Buy a Home

  1. Strong desire to own her own home.
  2. Need more space or want smaller home.
  3. Relocate closer to job, school or family.

Real Women Who Buy Real Homes

Women home buyers come in all sizes, shapes and ages. They are divorced, never married, separated, widowed; some have children, others live with friends or partners and many live alone.

That in part seems to be driving their desire to buy their own homes.

By 2011, the number of women-headed households with no spouse will increase to about 31 million, according to Fannie Mae, one of the nation's largest lenders. Since 1950, the number of households headed by women has increased fourfold, largely due to the longer life expectancy of women, higher divorce rates and later marriages.


John, First, I have to say thank you to the bald headed man. Just the use of that nickname shows character. Everyone knows there are real estate sales people and there are REAL ESTATE PEOPLE. Part-timers and real professionals. You would have to look long and hard to find anyone more professional, client-related than John Becker. We happen to be buyers at this time. No one could have been more patient and helpful. How often can you find an agent who looks out for his clients best interest, who makes sure you get full value for the money you spend? Bald head doesn't just sell you a listing. He leads you through the entire process from beginning offer to final closing, ready to answer any question at any time. Once again, thank you, John, very much. You turned what could be a painful experience into a pleasant one.
Don & Judy
Apr 28, 2011

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