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  In my rookie year as a real estate broker, I had a "Great Awakening" that changed my view of women forever!  It happened on my very first showing appointments! It was a beautiful day in Franklin, NC and I was happy to be taking this senor couple out to view some prospective homes in the Smokey Mountains. I am a friendly man and very easy to be around, I usually think that other people feel comfortable with me and today was no exception. We looked at a number of homes and upon walking into the last one for the day I felt a certain camaraderie with the gentleman, but a sense of "awayness" with his wife.  He and I were like good buddies by this time, "Yes, this is the house we want" he said to me, smiling and patting me on the back, "we'll get this one".

 She on the other hand was quiet and calculating, looking over everything in the home with a seemingly suspicious eye as if searching for something she had lost.  The three of us were standing in the dining room area when suddenly she reaches her hand up under her jacket at the waist line and begins to pull out a gun, a hairbrush, a cell phone? My eyes widened as she slowly withdrew her hand from beneath the jacket only to reveal a TAPE MEASURE!! She walks to the wall, measures it, turns to both of us men, and says sternly "NOPE, We Can't Live Here" !  I immediately replied in a high pitched voice of disbelief, "Why, why not"?  She then informed us men, that her formal dining hutch would not fit along that wall and so we must keep looking for a home that would facilitate that piece of furniture even though everything else in the home passed her inspection! Her husband abruptly chimed in and said to her, "Honey, we can live here, I love the house and besides, you can sell that hutch and purchase a smaller one" I piled on and said, "Yes, Ma'am, he's right, and besides you don't know anyone in Franklin do you"? No, she replied, I continued, "and so who would be coming over for dinner anyway"? Oh my God, talk about "Foot in Mouth Disease" !!    This woman then "squared" herself and proceeded to give us a good mental whipping complete with the laser piercing eyes, shrill voice and stern rebuke! I wanted to run! Never the less, she WON this round against the men and didn't purchase a home that day. 

 What neither of us men had realized was the emotional attachement that this lady had to her hutch, it was probably a family heirloom, but to us, it was "just in the way"! All this to say that "If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy" and this is common in all of life, but primarily in real estate. After all, give the man a basic "man cave" complete with a beer, TV and easy chair and we're pretty darned happy.. But "SHE"... "SHE" is the nest builder, the mother, matriarch! She has a bionic eye.. she ... she just "KNOWS" things.. I believe it's called "womens intuition"...

 I learned a great lesson that day, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LISTEN TO HER", forget about him, he's already been trained to sign the check, not choose the house! And so it is today that when I take "couples" or single women out to view homes, my posture is the same, shhhhhhhhhh.. shut up and listen!  She will tell you exactly what she wants, what colors she likes, what appliances she needs, how many, how much and so on.. Just shut up and listen.. (I should've know this after being married for 35 years! Shut up and Listen! ) and then start showing her what she is asking for and STOP, by all means STOP trying to talk her into something she doesn't want! Your cash register will start ringing quickly! I've compiled some scientific stats below to help you understand the propensity of this "WOMEN HOME BUYING PHENOMENON".  Women, and single women in particular are wielding a huge amount of clout in not only in the workplace these days, but specifically in the real estate market.  CHECK IT OUT...

Single women are twice as likely as single men to buy a home -- and builders are taking notice. They're betting on features like security systems, built-in vacuums and gourmet kitchens to attract this growing market.

Single women are purchasing homes in record numbers due to low interest rates, increased salaries, good credit earlier in life and later marriages. Last year, they represented 21% of all home buyers, second only to married couples, according to NAR.

Growing checkbooks
Women collectively earn more than $1 trillion annually and influence $2.4 trillion of the $3 trillion in annual consumer sales, according to the Women's Mortgage Industry Network, an industry educational group.

 Men don't get serious about homes until they find the right woman. But women are serious about buying homes now."

Indeed, single women are twice as likely as single men to buy a home.

To entice women, builders are putting in:

•·        Laundry rooms upstairs;

•·        Skylights in bathrooms for natural light; (Women look better in natural light)

•·        Slate floors that are "cleaning friendly";

•·        Security features;

•·        Built-in vacuum cleaners;

•·        Gourmet kitchens;

•·        Name-brand appliances; and

•·        Xeriscapes and other yards with low to no maintenance.

Top Three Reasons Unmarried / Single Women Buy a Home


  1. Strong desire to own her own home.
  2. Need more space or want smaller home.
  3. Relocate closer to job, school or family.

Real Women Who Buy Real Homes

Women home buyers come in all sizes, shapes and ages. They are divorced, never married, separated, widowed; some have children, others live with friends or partners and many live alone.

That in part seems to be driving their desire to buy their own homes.

By 2010, the number of women-headed households with no spouse will increase to about 31 million, according to Fannie Mae, one of the nation's largest lenders. Since 1950, the number of households headed by women has increased fourfold, largely due to the longer life expectancy of women, higher divorce rates and later marriages.

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