Franklin NC Real Estate Internet Marketing Strategy Training

John Becker / Bald Head will begin to teach internet marketing strategy to the associate brokers at Exit Smokey Mountain Realty in Franklin NC. "The Teaching" is the product of Key Yessaad, the master web trainer for Exit franchises nationwide. It is said that as you learn new information and techniques, you should begin to share the concepts with others immediately. The attendees will learn about web strategies, blogging, Googlemania, Links and more.

John Becker / Bald Head - Franklin NC Real Estate - Macon County NC - Otto,NC

"Dear Key, I wanted to let you know that your training has impacted my business's GOOGLE visibility tremendously. I attended two of your trainings and APPLIED everything you taught with the result that I am now dominating my local area on Google searches… I'm actually taking the first TWO pages.. I have spent the last 2 years in total frustration at HOW TO DO this, and when you came to Franklin, you brought "THE LIGHT with you! Thanks Key for sharing this knowledge, I look forward to more "skull sessions" in the near future.. If you have students "IN DOUBT", have them Google: john becker bald head, or Franklin nc real estate .. let the magic begin! Key, I also wanted to thank you for making this training AFFORDABLE to ANYONE who wants to learn this aspect of web marketing. I've seen so many other "web trainers" who charge astronomical fees with less than satisfactory results." - John Becker / Bald Head - Franklin NC. Attended Real Estate Web and Blogging Strategy Trainings.

Franklin NC Real Estate - Macon County NC- Otto,NC
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