Franklin NC, Rain, Sleet, Ice or Snow th


It was New Years Eve 2009, I was gathering up my drumming gear and heading over to Mill Creek Country Club in Franklin NC., to play a gig with "THE IMPOSTERS" at the famed golf community. Needless to say, the weather was unusually cold, rainy and icy and I wasn't feeling very well either. Actually, I was feeling horrible, flu symptoms, weak, and extra cold, but "The Show Must Go On". 

  I was thankful that my real estate listing appointment was in Mill Creek too and that I could kill two birds with one stone, and finally rest up for the evenings festivities. As I backed up to unload my drums, I realized I must be directly on the golf course because to my surprise, there in the sleet, and cold were some grown men hustling up the snow covered hill with their large bags in tow! I thought to myself, surely they aren't playing golf in this weather, they must be green keepers or something but no, my first hunch was correct.  These were "dyed in the wool" all weather Golfers, fanatics or lunatics! 

  As a child, I would observe my father coming home from the golf course and instead of bringing all his clubs back with him, there were always a few missing from his bag... Hmmm, I wondered, did he sell them? And he always came home from playing golf acting like an angry Elf, cursing and swearing that he'd never go again. Many years later my mother told me that the "missing clubs" were either in the water traps resting sweetly at the bottom, or stuck up in the palm trees enjoying the balmy breezes at the various golf courses that my father would visit.
I thought to myself that games are meant to be fun, but this one, golf, seems to get everyone who trys their hand at it to become borderline psychos!! Once, because of business etiquette, I allowed myself to be coaxed into participating with my colleagues at a "driving range" where I unabashedly swung and missed at least 50 balls before I threw my first club into the air where it disappeared forever!! Ah, Dad, how am I doing?? "Good, Sonny Boy", I could imagine him saying!

Enough of the reminiscing, let me get to the point here, golf is not for me. And I'm happy for you if you love it. As a matter of fact I'm going to supply you with some golfing destinations in the Western NC area and Franklin NC, where you can swing till your arms fall off or you throw all your clubs to the wind... I know.. I know.. to you it's fun and I'm still trying to understand it... Be patient with me..  I can't be your golf pro, or help you with new gear, but I can help you with your obsession in a different way. My expertise is to outfit you in a beautiful Mill Creek Golf Villa or Custom Golf Course Home so you don't have to waste time traveling to your "Happy Place", you can LIVE THERE!

   Next time you're in Franklin NC and you have a "jones" for golf.. remember, "What your "score" is in Franklin, stays in Franklin" But please, take your clubs with you!






Macon County NC Real Estate with Specialty in Franklin & Otto

"Offering Solutions to My Clients"
Your gateway to Paradise in the Smokey Mountains of Franklin, NC.
John Becker / Bald Head, provides a superior level of informed, professional real estate service to Buyers and Sellers. You can obtain any information you require in order to make an informed purchase regarding Franklin NC Homes for Sale and Otto NC Properties for Sale with John Becker at Bald Head Realty.  Call 828-506-3719 

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Macon County NC Real Estate with Specialty in Franklin & Otto
"Offering Solutions to My Clients"
Your gateway to Paradise in the Smokey Mountains of Franklin, NC.
John Becker / Bald Head, provides a superior level of informed, professional real estate service to Buyers and Sellers.


January 4th, 2013 Our first real estate dealing with John Becker (aka Baldhead) was when selling our primary residence in Franklin, NC as he was the agent representing the buyers. Not only did he present a successful contract but the offer exceeded our asking price! Since we were so impressed with his process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills, in 2012 we listed and sold our second home with him. John doesn't just wait around for the "right" buyer to walk in the office he aggressively pursues perspective buyers through professional contacts, extensive Internet exposure, and local advertising. The video John produced of our home was HGTV worthy and initiated immediate interest. Just a few weeks after listing John presented us with an acceptable offer and handled all the details of the process through closing. We were very impressed with his support and communication and would highly recommend his services. If you are truly serious about buying or selling a home in this area you need a full time professional agent with local knowledge, and John Becker is by far the best choice. Graydon & Susan Smith
Sep 10, 2011 John Becker was fantastic as our realtor. He helped us look at houses for over 2 years before we finally found the house we wanted and helped us navigate the short sale and foreclosure process perfectly. At all times he was professional, honest, and responsive. Thank you John and we look forward to having you as our realtor in the future. Thanks Chip & Mary Ann Godwin Chip & Mary Ann Godwin
Wendell & Karen ‎ - Sep 4, 2011 One Saturday on a whim I told my wife I was going to talk to John “Bald Head The Realtor” about some property I come across. After a short conversation with John he had formulated a plan. I was amazed that in less than a week we were on the fast track to owning the property. During the course of the negotiations John helped us overcome many potential obstacles to owning our first property in beautiful Franklin, NC. He always responded quickly to our questions. I soon became aware that this was a man I could trust - a rare find. My wife and I will always be grateful to John for helping us realize our dream of owning our own piece of this majestic land. Wendell and Karen, Franklin, NC Wendell & Karen
Kathryn P ‎ - Sep 28, 2011 Thanks so much John for being you as you are SUPER! My Dad and I were blessed that you were the listing agent on the home we first looked at as that led us to you. And you made our whole experience one that was so darn easy and pleasant. Working with you through the whole experience of looking at both homes was a total delight. Not only do you listen, you make the rather grueling process of home shopping to be fun. Thanks so much for your good humor and grace under pressure. Your smile alone made the paper signing go faster. You surround yourself with great people, too. From your assistant to your real estate attorney...all top notch and the nicest of folks to work with in the home buying process. I know I will certainly be recommending you to others and if I ever have to do this will be the first person I call. Kathryn Kathryn Pickens
Aug 22, 2011 "We have to admit that all of this "Bald Head" business seemed a bit much at first, but it took very little time with him to come to the realization that John "Bald Head" Becker is a very serious and effective real estate broker who in our experience and opinion is simply the best. Not only did "Bald Head" give us focused attention, maintained very active and prompt communications with us but also went way beyond our expectations in anticipating and filling practical needs. We would use him again in a heartbeat and only lament that we cannot also employ him to sell our house in Raleigh. We highly recommend "Bald Head The Realtor" to you and without reservation." Bill & Pam Peterson
Hey John, What a job you did! Listed in June and sold in August, in this economy ! Thanks for all the follow up work getting it closed in such a short time. Thanks again, James and Barbara Frank Aug. 13th 2011 Jim & Barbara Frank
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